Creating Sanctuary for Jewish People
in Israel and the World

For the past fifty years, the Fuchsberg Jerusalem Center has been bringing Jewish people together, forging unbreakable human bonds, and creating safe spaces for us to express ourselves in study, prayer, and exploration. In response to the horrific events of October 7 and the ensuing crisis unfolding in our region, we have drawn on this experience to create a sanctuary at our center aimed at assisting Israel in this time of need. We asked ourselves: How can we be useful, today?

North American Leaders
Israel Solidarity Mission

Repurposing our travel experience, we organized a mission of consolation and solidarity that provided an opportunity for community leaders and Rabbis from abroad to come to Israel, better understand the reality on the ground, realize the nature of the human tragedy, and prepare together for a better future.

October 30 – November 1, 2023
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Emergency Housing for
Displaced Families

In response to our people’s desperate need for sanctuary as of October 7, we immediately repurposed our guest house to provide emergency shelter and housing for hundreds of scared and displaced families from all over Israel. Our guest house continues to host displaced families and assist the Israeli people under the auspices of the Israeli Home Front Command.

October 10 – November 5, 2023
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Global Prayer Services

Since October 11, we have conducted a special daily service of prayer, song, and reflections. Join us online as we pray for Israel as a community, may we find and provide comfort and support through this difficult time. Service lasts approximately 20 minutes, followed by time for people to share and connect. We also facilitated prayer and song circles in our synagogue together with the displaced families at our guest house.

Sundays to Thursdays | 7 PM IST
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Studying in Solidarity

All faculty and students at our Yeshiva have remained in Israel and continue to learn and teach as usual. Becoming a cohesive community, our students cooked for themselves and did volunteer work to help the displaced families staying at our guest house. Our online classes are still operating regularly and participation is as high as ever.

Workshops, Activities & Games for
Displaced Families

From free psychotherapy workshops offering support to displaced and traumatized Israelis, to chocolate workshops and puppet shows for the children of displaced families hosted at our guest house. We filled our synagogue with donated games and volunteers to help children remember laughter and joy.

October 10 – November 1, 2023
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Thanksgiving 2023
with Hillel Jerusalem

As the beloved American holiday came upon us during this hard time, we gathered together with our friends from Hillel Jerusalem for a dinner focused on gratitude. We filled our Beit Midrash with good food and great friends, both Israeli and Anglo, and sought to find some light in the darkness as a burgeoning community. 

November 23, 2023
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Boston Women
Leadership & Solidarity Mission

Together with the support of the Combined Jewish Philanthropies of Boston, we ran the second in a series of four specialized solidarity missions. The three-day mission composed solely of Boston-area women who are leaders at the forefront of US Jewish and feminist organizations brought a gender lens to the October 7 atrocities and efforts to build a shared society.

January 8 – January 10, 2024
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