Hebrew Ulpan

Fall Semester
Begins November 6!

The Conservative Yeshiva’s Ulpan is an opportunity to study Hebrew with our world-class faculty in an intimate, congenial setting with students of all ages from across the globe. We offer five levels of Ulpan, from beginner to advanced, to ensure each student’s needs are met. Currently, classes are being held online.

Register for the Online Fall Intensive

Give your Hebrew skills a boost! The Ulpan Fall Intensive will meet two days a week for a period of 10 consecutive weeks. The duration of each lesson is 2.5 hours.

There is a special once-per-week option for students participating in the Advanced Level course. Please note that Daled will start one week late on Monday, November 14.


We will add an Alef section if enough beginners register. Please apply whatever your level and we’ll find the right class for you!

Mondays & Thursdays 10 -12:30 Eastern

7:00am—9:30am Pacific/ 9:00am—11:30am Central/ 5:00pm—7:30pm Israel

Mondays & Wednesdays 10 – 12:30 Eastern

7:00am—9:30am Pacific/ 9:00am—11:30am Central/ 5:00pm—7:30pm Israel

(note: Daled starts Nov. 14)
Mondays & Thursdays 10 -12:30 Eastern

7:00am—9:30am Pacific/ 9:00am—11:30am Central/ 5:00pm—7:30pm Israel

Sunday 11-1:30 Eastern OR Monday 10-12:30 Eastern


All Levels- Twice/Week: Early Bird (until October 31): $690 Regular Price: $720*

Advanced Level – Sundays Only OR Mondays Only: $350

*The cost of the text book for levels Alef–Daled is not included in the price. 

Ulpan FAQs

How Do I Know Which Level I'm in?

You will be placed according to the results of your Hebrew placement exam which you will receive following your registration.

What if I’m Placed in the Wrong Level?

If a student feels they have not been placed in the appropriate level, they may switch classes after the start of the semester in coordination with CY faculty.

Do I Need a Textbook?

All classes, except for the most advanced level, use a digital textbook published by Magnes Press which must be purchased separately by each student. The cost of the textbook ranges from $25–30.

How Many Hours of Instruction is Ulpan?

Each ulpan semester is 10 weeks. For classes that meet twice a week for 2.5 hours there are 50 total hours of instructions. Classes that meet once a week have 25 hours of instruction. 



The Hebrew Ulpan jumpstarted my desire and ability to move to a new level.


This class really has it all – speaking, reading, grammar, Israeli culture and history. Definitely a 5-star experience.


Having been a student for years, I had great expectations which I hoped would be met. To my delight, every one of my expectations were exceeded. I can really feel that my Hebrew reading ability and speaking ability have made a great leap!

Rabbi Jerome
lecture at the conservative yeshiva

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