Empowering Jewish leaders and seekers to
find an authentic place in Jewish tradition

A Home for Conservative and Masorti Judaism

The Fuchsberg Jerusalem Center (FJC) is a home in the heart of Jerusalem where leaders and seekers can find an authentic place in Jewish tradition to call their own.   FJC offers opportunities to study, pray and explore within an egalitarian and inclusive setting, creating multiple pathways for finding personal and communal meaning.

      • Dynamic Jewish Text Study: Our Yeshiva provides intensive short- and long-term Jewish study experiences for learners wherever they are on their Jewish journeys
      • Spiritual Home: Our synagogue and Jewish Innovation Lab offer rich musical, spiritual, and communal practices bringing people of assorted backgrounds and traditions together.
      • Immersive Israel Experiences: Our trips and seminars combine experiential Israel education with immersion in Jewish tradition, helping participants forge lifelong bonds with Israel and their Jewish heritage


Study at the CY

The CY Beit Midrash provides dynamic Jewish text study experiences that meet students wherever they are in their journey. From Year/Semester Lishma or Rabbinical programs, Camp and College Engagment, local Summer programs and online study, we will support you on your journey in pursuit of authentic compelling Jewish encounters.

Ritual Innovation

Synagogue life in the heart of Jerusalem offers a rich musical and communal vocabulary bringing people of assorted backgrounds and traditions together in a Jewishly meaningful, socially open, and musical way.



Immersive Educational Touring

The Fuchsberg Jerusalem Center organizes, plans and directs a variety of Israel trips and seminars for specialty groups. Our programs combine the very best in experienced staff and incredible sightseeing, along with a complete experience in Egalitarian Jewish living.

Support FJC

Help shape immersive Jewish and Israel experiences for leaders and seekers from around the world.


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