Alice Gruber

Yarzheit hebrew date:

/  5 

/ Array

/  5765


English date of passing: May 14, 2005

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Mother of

About Alice Gruber
Joseph shares about this mother|my mother Alice Gruber was born in vienna on June 26 1914My mother met my father who also was living in Vienna. She left as soon as possible and met my father who first escaped twice to Switzerland They got married in Baltimore, A family cousin lived there, They moved first to an apt in broolkyn on the same floor as her sister, my aunt and her husband We would often walked next door to play, My mother was a great cook and baker, she was a great seamstress and often took in friends and neighbors as well to do alterations. When her son moved to california to go to law school and then ent back to n.y. to get a masters When her son got married and stated living and working in California. My father and mother moved to California. She continued to make alterations. They spent each Shabbat at Congregation Bethb Jacob