Take the Journey from Egypt to Mount Sinai

Join Rabbi Dr. Eliora Peretz for a soulful dive into the Kabbalistic intentions behind the Omer period and learn how to better understand your spiritual self day by day.

The course follows the traditional Kabbalistic way of counting the Omer: each day of the week and each week of the Omer period correspond to a sefira (divine emanation), so each of the 49 days is associated with a specific combination of sefirot.

Rabbi Eliora incorporates the study of mussar (ethics) and middot (character traits) to each week’s sefira. It is believed that the Omer is one of the most fruitful times to work on character and connect to one’s potential for inner growth.

In this Zoom series students will meet once before Pesach, for an introduction to the course and to split into chevruta (study) pairs, and then weekly during the Omer to learn about the ensuing week’s sefira.

The course is perfect for beginners as well as those with a background in Kabbalah or the sefirot.

Learn Why the Jewish People Count the Days Between Pesach and Shavuot

Recordings of the classes will be sent out every Monday to all who register.

You can also sign up to receive daily WhatsApp reminders to count the Omer, along with a voice note from Rabbi Eliora with a brief intention about that day’s sefirot.

Messages will be sent in Israeli time (GMT+2), so you may receive messages before Shabbat and Holidays end in your time zone.

  • Sundays
  • April 14–June 9*
  • 1–2 PM EDT
  • $120 USD
  • Reminders April 23–June 10

*Class will not meet April 21
due to the proximity to Erev Pesach