The CY’s Advanced Halakhah program is for experienced learners looking for an opportunity to explore the many layers of rabbinic texts as they develop throughout history and as they are observed today. 

This program focuses on studying rabbinic texts, commentaries, halakhic codes and responsa, emphasizing critical textual analysis and the historical development of Jewish law.

Class format: Interactive class on Zoom and with a live audience at the CY (1 hr, 15 min) with lecture and discussion, twice per week.

Students are expected to spend approximately one hour preparing the assigned sources with their chevruta (study partner) in advance of each class.

This semester’s texts will focus on specific sugyot (units/topics) pertaining to yayin nesekh, laws relating to the consumption of and trade in wine produced by non-Jews.

When: Beginning September 4, 2023
The class meets Monday and Wednesday East Coast US time 8:15-9:30 AM (15:15-16:30 Israel time)
Cost: $450 (payment plans and other arrangements can be made with Liz,

The class is geared towards students who are comfortable reading Talmudic texts and commentaries in their original language.

If you have questions please contact Rabbi Joshua Kulp

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