Joint Master’s Degree in Jewish Education With the Davidson School at JTS

Earn Your MA in Jewish Education While Studying in Israel

The Conservative Yeshiva at the Fuchsberg Jerusalem Center is proud to be partnering with the William Davidson Graduate School of Jewish Education at JTS to offer a new joint MA program designed to help students cultivate the skills and experience necessary to become sought-after, transformational leaders in Jewish education. This new and innovative program will train educators skilled in ritual, text, and pedagogy for a variety of communal and organizational settings.

Program Overview

  • 1–2 years of intensive study of classic texts as a full-time student at the Conservative Yeshiva
  • Hebrew classes to achieve the required level of proficiency (intermediate)
  • Online and in-house courses at the William Davidson School
  • A range of professional development opportunities
  • Year-long professional practicum
  • Tuition assistance and living stipends are available


What is the format of the program?

The Conservative Yeshiva (CY) currently offers the option of a one- or two-year track of intensive study in Jerusalem, followed by a final year of study at the Davidson School at JTS.

The one-year track is appropriate for students with intermediate- or high-level Hebrew who come with a strong background in Jewish text study. The two-year track at the CY is appropriate for students with beginner-level Hebrew who have either had limited exposure to Jewish text study, or wish to further immerse themselves in intensive text study before completing the MA program.

Upon completing the one- or two-year track at the CY, students will continue their studies at the Davidson School at JTS, with the option to study on-site in New York, or remotely. 

All students will be required to complete a year-long professional practicum under the guidance of the Davidson School faculty.

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How many classes do I need to take?

Students enrolled in the joint MA program may complete a maximum of five courses (15 credits) at the CY. Students at the CY are encouraged to take additional courses for personal enrichment, however, this is the maximum number of transferable credits which will count towards the MA degree. 

While studying at the CY, students will have the option to take two online courses with JTS for an additional 6 credits.

Students must complete a minimum of 45 credits in order to receive their MA in Jewish Education. Students will be required to take a minimum of 10 courses at JTS (30 credits), with the option of taking up to five approved courses (15 credits) at the CY.

In addition, students must reach intermediate-level proficiency in Hebrew in order to complete the MA program.  The CY offers on-site intensive Hebrew language courses that students are encouraged to take alongside their other courses in order to meet the language requirements of the MA degree program. Students must complete the equivalent of Level Gimmel Ulpan or higher.

How much does the joint MA program cost?

Tuition is paid separately to the Conservative Yeshiva and to the Davidson School at JTS. Students are invited to apply for financial aid or merit-based fellowships.

Read more about tuition at the CY.

How do I apply?

Students must apply separately to both the CY and the Davidson School at JTS.

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The application deadline for the 2021–2022 program year at the CY is June 1, 2021. To hear more about the program and studying at the CY, contact 

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Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, JTS has extended the application deadline for the MA program and will be accepting applications on a rolling admissions basis until August 1, 2021. For questions, contact admissions@jtsa.edu

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