Ten Days of Preparation for the Ten Days of Repentance


During these ten days of preparation we will take a deep dive into how our tradition understands the obligation to give and receive rebuke. We live in troubled times with increasing political and cultural polarization in the West stretching our delicate social fabric to breaking point. We often seem to exist in mutually incompatible bubbles where real conversation with those not in our bubble is torturous. Yet the Torah exhorts us to “Surely rebuke your fellow” (Lev. 19:17): we must tell people when they behave in ways that pain us. From September 3rd – 17th we will examine a wide range of sources, from the biblical to the contemporary, that shed light on this obligation. We will prepare ourselves for the Yamim Noraim by reflecting on how we might become better at implementing tochecha (rebuke) in our lives and in the modern world.

Instructors: Rabbi Dr. Joshua Kulp, Rabbi Beth Levy, Rabbi Matthew Anisfeld, Rabbi Joel Levy