The Hebrew Ulpan jumpstarted my desire and ability to move to a new level.


This class really has it all – speaking, reading, grammar, Israeli culture and history. Definitely a 5-star experience.

Rabbi Jerome

Having been a student for years, I had great expectations which I hoped would be met. To my delight, every one of my expectations were exceeded. I can really feel that my Hebrew reading ability and speaking ability have made a great...

Maribeth Lipscomb, USA

The CY has impacted me in several ways. The yeshiva is like immersion in a mikva: not all results are immediately apparent. However, I have found new connections to Jewish practice and have learned new ways to look at the mishna, PLUS – my Hebrew is much better! There...

Alexander Wolf

My textual knowledge increased so much. It was wonderful studying with other Jews from around the world and hearing different perspectives.