Day School Trips

High-Definition Israel Experience: The Fuchsberg Jerusalem Center (FJC) is a leading campus of Jewish life and learning based in the heart of the city. Leveraging over half a century of experience, FJC works directly with day schools across North America to craft customized, all-inclusive Israel trips for teens spanning grades 7-12.  Trip durations and content vary depending on the school’s needs.  Students travel from anywhere from ten days to three months, each experiencing Israel’s rich and complex tapestry in innovative and interesting ways. All trips leverage FJC’s multiple decades worth of experience creating transformative Israel experiences and are tailored to the unique educational goals and budgetary limitations of each group.

FJC works closely with the leadership of schools from across North America to create individualized programs suited to the educational goals of each institution. Schools work with FJC to choose the duration and character of the trip, and FJC’s team of Youth Program professionals takes full responsibility for implementation including:


Content and educational development

Flights and ground arrangements

Rooms and board



Staff on the ground

Deepening Israel Ties

FJC creates programs that offer deep encounters with Israel’s history, tradition, and peoplehood in an effort to help students develop a more nuanced and authentic connection with the land and society.

Cultivating Critical Engagement: We offer content that highlights the complex issues shaping Israeli society today, including security, politics, and socioeconomic gaps.

Forging Lasting Bonds: FJC’s programs foster peer-to-peer “mifgash” opportunities where participants meet with Israeli teens grappling with similar questions of identity, beliefs, and observance.

Understanding Israel in broader historical context

Unlocking the past is key to understanding both the present and the future. Toward that end, we offer customized historical trips to Poland as an integrated element of the Israel education experience. These highly intense and immersive experiences serve to awaken collective memory and help participants understand how the Shoah shaped the story of the modern Jewish state.

Day School Partners

The Leffell School, New Rochelle, NY

Golda Och Academy, West Orange, NJ

Solomon Schechter Day School of Bergen County, NJ

Schechter School of Long Island, NY

The Adelson Educational Campus, Las Vegas, NV

Milken Community School, Los Angeles, CA

TanenbaumCHAT, Toronto, ON, Canada

If you are a day school principal, camp director,  or educator interested in learning more about how FJC can shape an experience for your students, please contact us.   

Contact tours@fuchsbergcenter.org to hear about opportunities for your community!

Golda Och
Long Island